Antonia Hoerschelmann - Erwin Wurm
Erwin Wurm
De Profundis
Antonia Hoerschelmann

Uitgeverij Hatje Cantz
116 Pagina's
Bindwijze: Gebonden


The Austrian artist Erwin Wurm (*1954 in Bruck an der Mur) gained entry into the international art scene many years ago with his One Minute Sculptures—staged and for the most part absurd situations captured on film—and his sculptures that distort objects, such as Fat Car. In 2011, his Narrow House, a miniature version of his parents’ house squeezed down to a sixth of its actual size, was popular among visitors to the Venice Biennale.

The heart of this publication is a group of works on a new theme: De profundis. Availing himself of a variety of media, Wurm confronts the actual appearance of the human body in the twenty-first century with the Gothic language of the body, which arose from an internalized, ascetic spirit.

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